We want to deal with the art of motoring and not just mechanics.

Marcin Linke
Cars by line


The inspiration for founding Cars By Linke was the beauty of classic motoring. I have always been attracted to the incredible “drawing lines”; that were transferred to cars at the time without any care taken to ensure that the CX air resistance coefficient is close to 0. 2. Today’s trends are probably the right ones, aiming at lowering emissions, especially from cars with high combustion. But there’s something missing from them.

Fortunately, in every area of life there are people who are outsiders, following the voice of their heart, following what they like, what attracts them and not what is correct. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that. The otherness, the uncommonness, the pursuit of abstract goals is thus difficult and often unacceptable.

With classic motoring it is just like with art. Many cars achieve unprecedented and surprisingly high prices in relation to what is commonly recognized as “real value”, here something else counts!

I would like to interest classic cars in those who like to taste cars like good caviar. I regret to inform you that on my site very rarely will there be posts about modern motorization that would shoot real men. We will implement projects with the most desirable car brands from limited production. Cars, which at one time had high power values, implemented innovative solutions.

Each project will be unique! Attention to detail will make him stand out. I will use treatments that will improve the driving characteristics and further increase the power of the car, but this will not affect their authenticity. For special orders, I will offer brand marriage at the highest level. I will create unusual connections and cars that seem impossible.

I want to deal with the art of motoring and not just mechanics.